“Come and See.”

In the first chapter of the Gospel of John, these were the words that Phillip spoke to his brother Nathaniel, inviting him to “come and see” whether Jesus was indeed the Messiah.

We extend that same invitation to you. “Come and see.” Come and see who we are at Bethlehem. Come and see us in prayer, in service, in fellowship, and in study. Come and see what kind of a congregation we are. Come and see what we believe that it means to follow Jesus.

You are welcome to come and participate in our life as a community as fully as you’d like. You don’t have to wait to become a member, or get the permission of one of the pastors. Just come and experience Bethlehem. We trust that if Bethlehem is the place the Holy Spirit wants you to be, you will know, and you will make a commitment to become a part of the Bethlehem community of faith.

Three or four times a year we have a “Discover Bethlehem” experience, usually on a Saturday morning. Discover Bethlehem is intended to serve two functions. The first is an opportunity to explore the Lutheran faith and church. We know that many people who come to Bethlehem have never been a part of a Lutheran congregation before, or may never have belonged to a church at all. Discover Bethlehem is intended to provide an introduction to the Lutheran way of being a Christian. There is opportunity to learn more about what is distinctively Lutheran about us, while at the same time affirming our connection to the universal church.

Second, Discover Bethlehem is our new member class. We ask everyone who wants to become a member of our congregation to take this class, even “cradle Lutherans.” Many “cradle Lutherans” have found that this class is both a refresher and a deepening of what they learned as a young person and even as an adult. So this class is the “entry way” into membership in our congregation. Please contact one of the pastors if you are interested in participating in Discover Bethlehem.

Bethlehem Family